What Is It Like, Where You Are Now?

Everyone knows that the Boomers are aging, and the older adult population is growing exponentially – that the 65 and up crowd will more than double by 2030, for example. Fewer people know that there are nowhere near enough geriatricians to care for them. Geriatricians are doctors specially trained in appreciating the full context of an elder’s health and life circumstances, finding out what’s important to them, and tailoring individualized plans of care with patients and families. Where should a non-geriatrician start? By talking with elders. For this photo-audio documentary project, I sat down with a delightful 84-year-old gentleman named Charlie at a retirement community in Durham, North Carolina, for a conversation about life. And Charlie taught this geriatrician a thing or two.
– Dr. Maria D’Souza
To view Dr. D’Souza’s opening remarks about why she produced this piece and what she learned, visit: https://vimeo.com/69007775/

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