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This year, about 2.5 million Americans will die. About 900,000 of them, or three in ten, will get hospice care in their last weeks or months. Hospice is specialized care for terminally ill patients with less than six months to live. It offers a way in which family, doctors, nurses, pastors, and the community can […]

This is a film which follows five terminally ill patients

Dying at Grace

About the Film This film is about the experience of dying. Five terminal patients in a Palliative Care Unit share the last days of their lives and deaths with a film crew. They do so in the hope that their experience will be useful to the audience in managing its own fear of dying and […]

Voices of Palliative Care

In this 8-minute piece, Duke Palliative Care Fellow Chris Jones explores why a Chaplain, a social worker, two nurses, and a nursing assistant were first attracted to this field and what keeps them there. With support from the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund, selected Duke Physician Residents and Fellows are provided the opportunity to work with documentarians […]

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