There are tons of great resources for people producing documentary work. Rather than overwhelm you, here is a short list of resources used by many faculty at the Center.


Excellent, easy-to-use, inexpensive way to mix audio and images for online presentation. Works on both macs and PCs. Costs from $39-$69, depending on functionality desired. Built by Joe Weiss from Raleigh N&O and used by all major online newspapers internationally now. (For tips on making an excellent soundslide show from a veteran, visit:

You Send It

File Transfer Service which allows you to upload large files, then provides a link where your colleagues can download the files.  It’s free for users who don’t need more than 1 Gig/month, and $99/month for heavier users.

Duke Computer Store

If you are considering purchasing a Mac or need software to complete your project, check with the Duke Computer Store first, as they offer significant discounts to students and employees.

B&H Photo in New York
Where the Center orders a lot of its equipment. They offer educational discounts, as well as used equipment.

WordPress Excellent, free application for producing and hosting a simple website. Over 15% of all websites are built using WordPress.

Dreamhost Is one internet service provider that hosts more customized WordPress websites.

Free, online audio recording and editing application which works on both PCs and Macs.. To download, visit:

Express Scribe
Free digital transcription program

Gear Guide

MediaStorm, a first class multimedia producer in New York, provides a great gear guide here:

“The teenagers I photographed taught me a lot, even as many of them struggled with serious challenges in their own lives. Having gone out to meet with them in their world, I came away with no neat formulations about teenage pregnancy but rather a richer, more accurate context in which to see them, and I hope, better understand their experience.” – John Moses, M.D.

“People learn using different modalities, and for some people the visual route opens the door to understanding. Even richer than teaching using documentary methods is the experience of the individual who prepares the materials, since documentary studies by their nature include rich human interactions. We learn when we take part, whether as the subject, the documentarian, or the viewer. This is a unusually meaningful project in which I'm very glad to participate." - Dr. Ross McKinney, Director of the Trent Center

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