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Marine’s Faces

How do life-changing experiences concretely impact the way we look? Does tragedy truly show up in our eyes and brow? These are questions that fascinate Claire Felicie, who photographed the faces of 20 Dutch Marines before, during, and after their tour of duty in Afghanistan. From first photo to last photo, only 12 months passed, but […]

Indivisible: Our Veterans

As of July 2012, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there were more than 22 million veterans in America — roughly 7 percent of the country’s population. The last surviving veteran of World War I, Frank Buckles, died just last year at age 110. But many men and women at least a quarter of that age are […]

Luis Sinco

Marlboro Man

“It’s an insane connection that you make with that person… to see somebody in your sights, and to pull that trigger…” Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller is back from Iraq, and is haunted by nightmares of the faces he’s seen down the barrel of his gun. Los Angeles Times photojournalist Luis Sinco has also […]

Project Unbreakable

Project Unbreakable was created in October of 2011 by Grace Brown. Grace works with survivors of sexual assault, photographing them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. Grace has photographed over a hundred people, received over eight hundred submissions. TIME magazine has also named it one of the top 30 Tumblr blogs to […]

The Inner Wounds of War

While on patrol in Iraq in 2005, an improvised explosive device (IED) blasted through Juan Arredondo’s vehicle resulting in the loss of his left hand and much of the calf muscles from both legs. Now, four years later, Ret. Sgt. Arredondo struggles to overcome not only his physical injuries but the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress […]

Home From Afghanistan to New Battles: The Homecoming Project

About the Project In Afghanistan with the Third Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division, the photojournalist Erin Trieb faced firefights, anxieties about land mines and the strangeness of being the only woman among hundreds of alpha males. Then came the hard part. Ms. Trieb, 28, said she found it far more daunting to photograph the effects of […]

After War: Veterans From A World in Conflict

About the Book Afterwar: Veterans from a World in Conflict is a culmination of 15 years spent photographing and interviewing men, women and children who have been on the frontlines of every major conflict of the past century. It is a portrait documenting the deep physical and psychological effects on the veterans whose bodies and minds […]

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