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Rite of Passage

Maggie Steber was an only child. Madje Steber was a single parent. They were all the family they had and it wasn’t easy. Madje divorced when Maggie was only six months old. Strong and independent, Madje raised her daughter in the small Texas town of Electra, near the Oklahoma border. She had a keen awareness […]

Aging in America

Aging in America: The Years Ahead is a journey across the topography of aging in search of what it means to have a “good old age”. This film traverses the experience of our elders from the wellderly to the elderly, as told through a series of intimate vignettes of people who are living the new […]

Diary of a Retirement Home

About the Audio Documentary We spend our entire lives setting up a sense of community. Jobs, families, homes, neighborhoods. But what happens in the twilight of our years? When old age forces us to make a change? When we pull up a lifetime of roots and settle into a new—and final —place? Presbyterian Homes is […]

The Secrets of Centenarians

About the website What is it like to live till 100? Eight men and women, aged 99 to 103, speak about their century of life. To view their stories, visit: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/10/19/health/20101018-centenarians-voices-photos.html?ref=health This multimedia presentation accompanies the article “100 Candles on Her Next Cake, and Three R’s to Get Her There,” by Jane Brody for the New […]

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