Cancer Warriors: Reflections on the Journey Through Cancer


The National Cancer Institute estimates that 13.7 million people with a history of cancer were alive in the United States in 2012. An additional 1.6 million people will be diagnosed in 2013. An estimated 1600 people die of cancer everyday. For those diagnosed, what was once a normal daily life focused on family, work or school is forever changed. Schedules are upended while attempting to incorporate rigorous and often time- consuming treatments. While the physical toll is frequently obvious at first glance, the emotional toll can be difficult to appreciate for even the most astute and compassionate clinician. This documentary aims to illuminate what life is like for the desperately ill patient, and in so doing lessens emotional burdens and feelings of isolation, on both sides of the stethoscope. – Erin O’Branski, PA-C (Oncology)
To view Ms. O’Branski’s opening remarks about why she produced this piece and what she learned, visit:

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