Marlboro Man


“It’s an insane connection that you make with that person… to see somebody in your sights, and to pull that trigger…”

Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller is back from Iraq, and is haunted by nightmares of the faces he’s seen down the barrel of his gun.

Los Angeles Times photojournalist Luis Sinco has also returned home, after being embedded with Miller’s unit during their attack on Fallouja, in 2004. Sinco’s photograph of Miller, taken on a rooftop during the conflict, has become an icon of the Iraq war.

Luis SincoThe Marlboro Marine┬áis a look at the connection between these two men, as Miller struggles to adapt to life back in the United States. In this parable of the emotional and psychological aftereffects of war, Sinco documents the subtle and devastating ways a man’s life can be forever changed.

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