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About the Documentary Series

In late 2006, Johns Hopkins Medicine agreed once again to a request from ABC News to give unusually wide access to a large team of documentary film makers led by many of the same network producers and journalists who created the award-winning documentary Hopkins: 24/7 eight years ago. After more than five months in The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System facilities working around the clock, the ABC News group went back to New York with 1500 hours of footage. More than 100 Johns Hopkins faculty, residents, nurses, patients and family members gave their consent and participated in the production. Many more of the Johns Hopkins Medicine family worked behind the scenes, off camera and every day to coordinate ABC’s needs while protecting patient privacy and safety. Said the judges who awarded this seven-part series a Peabody in 2008, “”All-access filmmaking in the corridors and operating rooms of a fabled teaching hospital produced human drama of open-heart intensity.”  To read more about this series, visit: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/hopkinsabc

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