An Age for Justice, Confronting Elder Abuse in America

Vicki Bastion, 92, became a prisoner in her own home. After her grandson moved in with her, he started allowing drug dealing, sex work, and other gang activity to take place in her home. Fearing for her safety but conflicted about confronting her grandson, Vicki resorted to installing an iron security gate on her bedroom door to protect herself and her few belongings. Unfortunately, Vicki’s story is not unique.

Every year, millions of older Americans suffer in silence from abuse. And what many of us don’t realize is that no older American is safe as elder abuse cuts across racial, religious, ethnic, cultural, geographic, gender and socio-economic lines. To bring attention to this hidden issue, Elder Justice Now uses the power of video and the Internet to put a human face on elder abuse. To see videos, visit:

After viewing this video, we hope you will want to TAKE ACTION to bring an end to what one interviewee calls “a dark mark on our humanity.” Click on the video to watch An Age for Justice.

100 Stories

To further draw national attention to the abuse that happens behind closed doors in every community in America and support the passage of the Elder Justice Act, over 100 elder abuse survivors and people who care about elders spoke out.

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