Unfinished Dreams: Childhood on a Thread

About the Project

Crammed into the wing of Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest, 20 children diagnosed with cancer are fighting everyday for their lives. Living conditions in the hospital are harsh, with not enough beds or nurses, no proper medicine or medical instruments. The current conditions offer them only a 50% chane of survival,” says Dr. Cristian Scurtu, a veteran doctor who has been at the hospital since 1984. This series captures the stories of several of these children. To view the series, visit: http://www.cristianmovila.com/

About the Photographer

Born in Bucharest in 1983, Cristian Movila spent his early life in Romania with his family. He works as a freelance photographer around the world. This project began in 2007 in an effort to raise money for the children in this photo essay. In 2008, a philanthropic campaign was established using Cristian’s photographs. Since then, they have raised over $1.5 million euros for this cause.

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