The Sandwich Generation


Video about being sandwiched between the needs of one's parents and the needs of one's children

By Ed Kashi and Julie Winokaur

About the Project
The Sandwich Generation, those caught between their aging parents and young children, includes some 20 million Americans. In this emotionally charged account of family caregiving, filmmaker Julie Winokur and her husband, photojournalist Ed Kashi, expose their personal lives with unflinching candor. Winokur and Kashi uprooted their two children and their business in order to move 3,000 miles cross-country to care for Winokur’s father, Herbie.

At 83, Herbie suffers from dementia and can no longer live alone. Winokur and Kashi are faced with difficult choices and overwhelming responsibility as they charge head on through their Sandwich years. It is a story of love, family dynamics and the immeasurable sacrifice of those who are caught in the middle.

About the Filmmaker and Photographer
Julie Winokur is a writer and documentary film producer who uses the visual power of film to catalyze positive social change. She is Executive Director of Talking Eyes Media, which she founded with her husband, photojournalist Ed Kashi.
Winokur’s work has appeared on PBS, National Geographic online, MediaStorm,, and in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine, and The Washington Post, among others.
Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, filmmaker and educator dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are the signatures of his work. Kashi’s complex imagery has been recognized for its compelling rendering of the human condition.
“I take on issues that stir my passions about the state of humanity and our world, and I deeply believe in the power of still images to change people’s minds. I’m driven by this fact; that the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers can have a positive impact on the world. The access people give to their lives is precious as well as imperative for this important work to get done. Their openness brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibility to tell the truth but to also honor their stories.”

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Millions of middle-aged Americans are caring for their children as well as their aging parents. When filmmaker-photographer pair Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi took in Winokur’s 83-year-old father, they decided to document their own story. See the project at

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