Surgery at the Margins: Understanding Pediatric Trauma


Pediatric trauma is the leading cause of death and disability among children 0-18, yet “critical deficiencies” in the treatment and prevention of childhood trauma have lead to a call for more research iniatives in this area. Although demographic data is available from large national trauma databases, the complex interplay of socioeconomic status, race, culture, and community in the lives of injured children and their families is more difficult to understand.
This project explores the stories of four families deeply affected by the traumatic injury or death of a child. In their own words, they describe the intersection of poverty, living conditions, and community with the trauma they have experienced. As a general surgery resident preparing to start a pediatric surgery fellowship, I am interested in documenting, understanding, and engaging the complexity of stories such as these in order to develop more effective and comprehensive trauma prevention efforts. – Dr. Elizabeth Tracy

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