Elder Abuse: Suffering in Silence

Elder abuse was first described in the literature in the1970’s as granny battering and is simply defined as any harmful act towards an older adult. Elder abuse encompasses several types of abuse including physical, emotional, sexual, financial, neglect, and self-neglect.

It is estimated that 1 to 2 million older adults living in the United States are victims of elder mistreatment annually though only about 1 in 4 cases ever get reported to authorities. Elder abuse is associated with higher morbidity and mortality and is linked to increased utilization of emergency room services and increased rates of hospitalization. Elder abuse clearly exists in our society yet remains grossly under recognized and underreported. Let’s give our elderly victims a voice, let’s end the silence on elder abuse.

To listen to one story I captured, click on: ” Mr B

– Dr. Lidia Vognar

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