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The Secrets of Centenarians

About the website What is it like to live till 100? Eight men and women, aged 99 to 103, speak about their century of life. To view their stories, visit: This multimedia presentation accompanies the article “100 Candles on Her Next Cake, and Three R’s to Get Her There,” by Jane Brody for the New […]

The Ninth Floor

The Exhibit, Film and Book Over two years, Jessica Dimmock photographed a group of die-hard heroin users living on “The Ninth Floor” of a Manhattan building in a surprising, powerful, and intimate way. The tale of the terrible consequences of heroin abuse has been documented many times before, but Dimmock epitomizes the attitude of the […]

Diagnosis: A Photographer’s Guide

“Diagnosis: A Photographer’s Guide,” A Talk by Alex Harris from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo. In this talk photographer Alex Harris shows his photographs taken at the Samaritan House Clinic in San Mateo California and discusses how his work as a documentary photographer in the field resonates with the work of physicians in the […]

Waiting for Death

Edwin Shneidman was not afraid of death. He studied it all his life. L.A. Times Photographer Liz Balen produced this 3-minute piece right before Schneidman passed away. To view, visit:,0,3414993.htmlstory

Voices of Palliative Care

In this 8-minute piece, Duke Palliative Care Fellow Chris Jones explores why a Chaplain, a social worker, two nurses, and a nursing assistant were first attracted to this field and what keeps them there. With support from the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund, selected Duke Physician Residents and Fellows are provided the opportunity to work with documentarians […]

Enhancing My Medical Education Through Photography

John Moses is a primary care pediatrician and a documentary photographer based at Duke University. He has been using documentary photography to explore the intersection of social and medical issues for the last fifteen years. In this talk, Dr. Moses shared his photographs of adolescent parents in North Carolina (published in the book “The Youngest […]

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